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Happy New Year Everyone!

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A New Year and a Fresh Start

We survived the holidays and brought in the New Year with a Bang. In the process, we took a short break from the newsletter to regroup and recharge. With a productive and adventure filled year behind us, we start off 2018 with a fresh new edition of the Colorado Abandoned Newsletter. We hope you enjoy! 

Winter Musings

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome." 
~Anne Bradstreet

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”  
~Edith Sitwell

Nothing burns like the cold.”  
~George R.R. Martin

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”  
~Percy Bysshe Shelley

Prairie Tractor

On a recent mid-winter excursion to northeast Colorado to visit family, my patient wife and I were heading back home via Highway 71, and somewhere in Washington county we decided to take a right on a random county road headed west towards the mountains to investigate the terrain for a possible Colorado landscape photograph or two. Unfortunately, the landscape pictures didn't work out for one reason or another - oh well, maybe next time.

After a mile or five, we came across this old, beat up tractor next to the side of the road lined up on a fence. Its sole purpose seems to be drilling perfect post holes on the borders of prairie pastures out in the middle of nowhere. The PTO rig on the back of the tractor appeared to be totally functional and ready to do the assigned task at hand.

With the chill factor somewhere in the mid-teens, the wind was making its presence very well known. I got out of the vehicle and did a quick brisk walk around this equipment with my cell phone and snapped a few pictures from several different angles and perspectives before the wind and cold got the best of me.

After doing some editing back home on the desktop computer using some fun new software called Luminar by Macphun, this is the capture and edit I enjoyed the most. I am not sure what I like best, but the pop crate seat, the tow bar mounted on the front, the weathered colors of the paint job and the wild wiring around the battery (not to mention the background sky and tilt) I feel, it all came together to make for an interesting photograph. Enjoy! ~Vincent

Waz Up!

Koshare Museum Show

Show Extended

 We are pleased to announce that our traveling exhibition is still on display for a while yet at the Koshare Museum in La Junta, Colorado. As of mid-January, we are not sure how much longer the show will be on display at the Kiva, but for now you still have some time to stop by and take a look. The Koshare Museum is located at 115 W 18th Street in La Junta.

Schedule a Show

We are always looking to schedule more shows and events for the future. At any one time we have between 25 to 35 gallery quality canvas prints in various sizes available for art installations, banquets, Pop-Ups, corporate events, etc., that we may be able to make arrangements to setup and display at your location. 

If you or someone you know might be interested, please visit our Contact Page and leave us a message or email us at

Contest Winner!

Selected via the trusty Random Number Generator, Christy Johnson of Lamar, CO was the winner of our last picture giveaway contest. She won an 11x14 color print of one of our favorite places we have visited during our travels to capture the Abandoned in Colorado. 

Congrats Christy!

Keep an eye out, we will have more contests in 2018!

 Facebook Poll

Here are the results of a recent poll we posted to our Facebook page. It looks like Buildings are a clear favorite. We did have a handful of folks who voted Both as a write-in. Thanks to all who participated! 


SCAN Update

From Henrietta - The SCAN Newsletter will resume in March.  I hope you all have had a nice winter/holiday break and are looking forward to a creative year ahead! 

Please send postings of art news to: 

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Just for Fun

A couple of images from our collection. 
Old Chevy Truck 
Photograph and Edit By Lex Nichols

The faded green patina on this old Chevy truck exposes the wear-and-tear from years of dedicated service on the family farm. This wide angle shot of the right front section helps provide the contrast and drama of the sky in the background. Used to spread a new layer of much need nutrients to the depleted and hungry topsoil, this old beast has helped provided the Arkansas valley of Colorado and the nation with fresh healthy produce. Tip my hat...


Prairie Homestead 
Photograph and Edit By Vincent Gearhart

Imagine for just a moment if you would, this old homestead enduring the seasons, the hardships, and the good times out on the buffalo grass covered prairie of the high plains. Everyone chipping in on the chores, the kids running through the house playing tag or hide-and-seek, the parents mulling over the budget for the new year and making the necessary arrangements for the future of the family and the ranch. Friends and neighbors would gather 'round to help work cattle or deal with any need or emergency that might come up. Then comes all the delicious food prepared by the strong independent women of the plains. Potato salad (and many others), cured hams, meaty stews, baked beans along with the finest desserts the prairie ladies could muster. The aroma of fresh out of the oven peach cobbler, large loaves of butter topped baked bread and hot apple pies wafting through the air that just makes your mouth water to think about. Oh yes, these are the memories I choose to remember.


Colorado Abandoned Volume 1 
Capturing the beauty the Abandoned


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