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As we quietly slip into autumn, and the days get shorter, here are a few seasonal quotes to ponder and enjoy.

Lean on summer's last breaths, and fall gracefully into winter. 
~Terri Guillemets

Summer breeze, light fluffy clouds... Mother Nature has a canvas for every season. 
~Terri Guillemets

There is no season such delight can bring,
As summer, autumn, winter, and the spring.
~William Browne

Shedding late-summer tears for the end of cherry season. Patiently and hopefully waiting for pumpkin pie season. 
~Terri Guillemets

What you can expect to see in this issue.

We will get you up-to-date with where we have been, where we will be next, how to contact us, a little levity, how to enter our next contest, and more shameless self-promotion!


We have a Winner Folks!

We are very pleased to announce that fellow Rurex/Urbex photographer, explorer, Florian Raymann from Seattle, WA is the Lucky Winner from our V4 Newsletter contest. 👊

We have known Florian for quite some time now from his excellent feed/gallery on Instagram. The composition and post-production of his images are truly amazing. Be sure to check him out and follow him at @florianray. Congrats Kind Sir!

A Big Thank You goes out to Everyone who participated!

The Next Big Contest

Win this 11x14 Pearl Finish Print!

Looks like we are going to stay with the texting method of contest submission as it seemed to work pretty well for the last contest. With that said, all you have to do is text your name and email address to 970-279-1220 to be entered to win the above print.

If you are not already one of our newsletter subscribers, we will add you to the list. If you are a current subscriber already, you are in luck!  You are still be eligible to win.

We will once again select a winner using the science of the internet and the "All Powerful" Random Number Generator.

How about this old Chinese proverb? "You can't win if you don't enter". Nothing like stating the obvious! 😳

The Winner will be announced in early October in the next newsletter - V6.

Please Note the Fine Print:: We will not share, sell or use your email address or phone number
for any other purpose other than what is mentioned above.

Waz Up!

Koshare Museum Show

It's for real Folks!  

Our photographic exhibition will be on display September through December, 2017 at the Koshare Museum in La Junta, Colorado. The Koshare Museum is located at 115 W 18th Street in La Junta, CO

Just put that address into your favorite navigation app/device and hit Take-Me-There and come enjoy the Koshare Museum and the reception.

With special arrangements with the museum, our canvas prints will be available for purchase 'off-of-the-wall' and the customer will be able to take the piece with them at the time of purchase.

To learn more about the show click here!

Thanks for the Poster Molly Gearhart


5 Arrows Farm Market

We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to display several of our canvas prints at 5 Arrows Farm Market in Lamar, CO. A Big Thanks goes out Curtis and Jennifer Lubbers, the proprietors of this excellent Farm Market for allowing us to display there. 

Our photography and the layout and design of the market really complemented each other. This place has a real down home feel to it that you will instantly pick up on when you visit it. 👍

Over the last couple of months, Colorado Abandoned has helped KLMR AM/FM, KBLJ and KTHN hide a treasure in the City of La Junta. We provided them with the clues (definitely not our forte) on how to find the treasure, to share with their listeners.  

Just days before the contest's deadline, Joann Petramala, with some assistance from Rylee and Lisa Conty, found the hidden treasure.

Congrats Joann! Enjoy your treasure!

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Just for Fun

Old Fire Truck

The history of this well-preserved fire truck sits still in all of its glory. It's presence continues to stand for safety and honor.  Vibrant red bursts out from the truck's exterior, which then compliments the surrounding green blades of grass that cover the raw earth.

Photograph and Edit By Lex Nichols


Parked and forgotten under a shade tree, this rusted automobile has been exposed to years of abandonment. Nature has adapted to the vehicle's resting place and freely grows around it.
The sunlight peeks through the branches and splashes highlights on the rusting exterior of this old Volvo.

Photograph and Edit By Vincent Gearhart

Thank You Courtney Warman for the smooth descriptions!

The Search Is On!

We are always on the lookout for new places and things to explore and document for Colorado Abandoned. We are pretty sure that we have just barely scratched the surface on the abandoned locations, buildings, vehicles, farm machinery and places that at this time, we had no idea they even existed.

If you know of any of these places or things, please drop us a line and let us know. If it works out, we will do our best to rewarded you in return with some pictures. Just email us at or visit our Contact Page and fill out the form and we will get back to you.

Back Issues

Just in case you missed the first three action packed, exciting, volumes of knowledge, thrilling, feel free to use your own upbeat words here, issues of the Colorado Abandoned Newsletter, here are the links to get to them.

In Closing

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Lex & Vincent
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