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In the Summertime

100 degree plus weather and plenty of sunshine and wind... yes, enjoying Southeast Colorado! Summer is here and there are events everywhere you look. Golf tournaments, small town fairs and festivals, chamber sponsored events, farm markets, and so much more. This is a Great time of the year to experience where you live and work. 

Get out and about and have a Most Wonderful Summer!


“It is only with age that you acquire the gift to evaluate decay, the epiphany of Wordsworth, the wisdom of wabi-sabi: nothing is perfect, nothing is complete, nothing lasts."
~ Paul Theroux 

Wildlife in Danger

We have been by this location several times and each time you can see the continuing decay and ruin of the building and the contents therein, and this trip was no exception. 

Visiting this room in particular, really stirred up a foreboding sense of melancholy. It was thoroughly ramshackled and in total disarray. The swallows and who knows what other birds and animals have had made their mark on everything standing and laying. Clothes, games, toys, etc., were strewn everywhere and strangely, the closet still held two racks of shirts that looked to fit a young boy.

One can only wonder what happened and why almost everything at this location was just walked away from and abandoned. 

Waz Up!

Trinidad Photography Gallery Show

 Lex and Brad Kirby (the gallery owner) doing some pre-reception visiting. You guessed it, mostly about photography..., you know, 4x5 cameras, lighting, styles, etc.. 

Some of our new prints and ceramic art tiles on display at the show.

We really enjoyed the awesome new photography display kiosks that Brad Kirby put together for his gallery. These things are Amazing and what an asset to the Gallery!

We were very excited to have been asked to be the featured photographers for a galley exhibition for the month of June at the new Trinidad Photography Gallery in downtown Trinidad, CO. The opening reception was on Friday, June 8th. We were very happy for the Great Turn Out and we really want to thank everyone that took time out of their busy schedule to come out and show their support for our abandoned photographic exhibition. THANK YOU!

Also a big Thank You goes to our dear friend, Henrietta Butler, (author of the SCAN News newsletter and much more) for supporting and helping us make all the right connections to be able to show at this new gallery (and other nice places). And one more mention, a Big Thanks! to Bree Pappan, who was our liaison to Brad and the Gallery. She did an outstanding job of taking care of us. 

FYI - In case you are not aware, Trinidad is really going through a creative metamorphosis by combining Historical Preservation and the Arts in their rural community and I can't wait to see how it all turns out in the next few years. Hats off and Congrats to the City of Trinidad and their burgeoning artist community! Check out the Space to Create website for more information. 

Karen Voepel Photography

A Big Shout Out to our Good Friend and fellow photographer, Karen Voepel as her stunning photography is now on display at the Trinidad Photography Gallery for the month of July. If you get a chance, please do yourself a favor and be sure to stop by the gallery and take in some of her beautiful photography (oh, and take some home with you). Wishing you an Awesome Show Karen!

Taking it on the Road!
If all goes as planned, we will have our booth setup and running on Saturday, August 18th at the Downtown Custom and Classic Expo in downtown Lamar, CO.  You can find out more about this Big A$$ Car Show Event by visiting

About Us

Two photographers exploring and capturing the essence and natural beauty of the "Abandoned" in Colorado.

Preserving through photographs for future generations, this is Colorado Abandoned!

Schedule a Show

We are always looking to schedule more shows and events for the future. At any one time we have between 25 to 35 gallery quality canvas prints in various sizes available for art installations, banquets, Pop-Ups, corporate events, etc., that we may be able to make arrangements to setup and display at your location. 

If you or someone you know might be interested, please visit our Contact Page and leave us a message, email us at or send a text to 970-279-2770.

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 Just for Fun

A couple of images from our collection. 
Texaco Station
Photograph and Edit By Lex Nichols
16x20x1.25" Premium Canvas Gallery Wrap Photograph available via Facebook


The Planter
Photograph and Edit By Vincent Gearhart
16x24x1.25" Premium Canvas Gallery Wrap Photograph available via Facebook


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